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Why Video Conferencing?

There are many reasons for using video conferencing. Saving travel time costs and time is one. Weather by train plane or car these costs build up especially as business becomes more global. Even in the UK it has to be asked wheather it is worth travelling long distances for meetings that may well be over in an hour or so. Indeed research has shown that video-conferencing can offer average return on investment of 500% over 3 years.

And consider the environmental implications. Just on car journey from London to Manchester can use up enough energy to fuel a year of video-conference meetings. And that's without sitting in a traffic jam!

For many meetings and for many reasons video conferencing makes sense. And it offers many benefits across a wide variety of applications for all manner of businesses and organisations.

Already it has proven its worth in developing and maintaining strong customer and supplier relationships; for researching new markets; and assisting in export drives. Then there are the specialist applications; in the legal profession for example; for distance learning and telemedicine; and for interviewing job candidates.

Why Applause?

Working with all leading brand manufacturers within the VC industry applause has built up a fund of knowledge and experience which not only covers the technology & systems, but also the practical applications & benefits of video-conferencing.

As a result we offer the complete video-conferencing service to get the best out of it. Through a detailed cost analysis we will show how video-conferencing can save you money and provide other valuable benefits. Only then will we select the most appropriate systems and services for you organisation and its needs.

We install and maintain the systems and train your staff to use them to their full potential.